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Lifespan of Desktop Vs Laptop

In olden days we know Desktop are used later enhancement of technology Laptops are came . Now have look which have more life span

Not PortablePortable
Board is bigCompatible Board
Switched mode power supply (SMPS) Size is big No power supply . Ac adapter converts power
keyboard size is bigsoft touch kerboard
Mouse is seperateMouse on keyboard space

From above table we can analyze that Desktop is not handy, all miniature parts are in laptop . So laptop making is that much specific and we have to use laptop carefully . Desktop is not portable and it can be made by assembling several parts so if any parts get damaged we can remove it and easily assemble it again. so it is more reliable than laptop.

Now a days all specifications can assembled . So if you working on computer more than 8 hours Desktoppc is a better choice. If you are a traveler and you will not power supply then go for laptop . Laptop lifespan is maximum 7 years. So select pc’s with your need. Don’t make e- waste without unnecessary requirement.

To Know more about computer Specification

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